UN Human Rights Council’s Intervention on Eritrea: Dispelling the Myth

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Eritreans demonstrating against the commission of inquiry
More than 9,000 Eritrean citizens residing in different European countries staged a massive demonstration on June 22, in Geneva, to express indignation at the fallacious and defamatory reports issued by the “Commission of Inquiry”.

By Bruh Tesfa,

ON JUNE 23rd , shortly after the Commission of Inquiry (COI) of the UN delivered its biased and bogus report on Eritrea’s human rights situation, someone, based on his name, is of Eritrean nationality twitted and described “Mr Mike Smith, Ms Sheila B. Keetharuth & Mr Victor Dankwa- as Eritrea’s Guardian Angels” after thanking them for supporting “ the Eritrean people”. Soon after, another well know diasporan “intellectual” and a member of the opposition group also twitted in which he stated “Moment of Truth: Finally, no #PFDJ noise or hoopla on the reality in #Eritrea could stop #COI from telling it…” in a clear support of the COI’s report. 

The point both these two individuals and others with the same sentiment seem to miss with regard to this case is that, first, the UN Human Rights Council’s report on Eritrea’s human rights has little to do with the country’s human rights situation, if any. It’s a matter of historical record that the current UNHRC report is the continuation of the never-ending hostility and a political plot to undermine Eritrea’s sovereignty and its independent political path. If one thinks the measures that have been taken by the United nations against the state and people of Eritrea, including the illegal sanctions and the deafening silence and total disregard to the call to implement the border ruling, are born out of love for the people, then it’s time that he/she wakes up from the deep sleep he/she is in and get with the reality of the world.

Mind you that these UN officials who have been described as “ Guardian Angels” remotely fit such description. In contrary, These groups can be best described as wolves wearing sheeps skin and hired foot soldiers whose mission is to create a crisis that never was in a given region, under a guise of “human rights and democracy”, thereby pave a way for western corporations to come in and abuse the system and loot the country’s resources. For some this may sound hard to believe and one caused by a state of paranoia. Far from it. This is real and it’s happening all over the world as we speak.

For example, it was not long ago when these “Guardian Angels” falsely swore about Iraq’s possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), thus giving the powers who had a premeditated agenda against Sadam’s government, a green light to go in and inflict a huge and irreparable human and material loss. Today, some twelve years after the invasion, Iraq finds itself in a severe state of chaos and destruction and its inhabitants are in a much dire situation than they were during Sadam’s reign. The “ democracy “ the west promised the people of Iraq turned out to be just a pretext used to enter and to further destabilize the country, rendering it as one of the failed states.

Similarly, Libya, the once peaceful and prosperous African nation, is now categorized as a failed state with no authoritative government, thanks to the “ Guardian Angels “ who promised Libyans a sky after the removal of Moammar Ghaddafi and lack of intervention by the so called World Body. Today, the people of Libya, just like those in Iraq and Syria, are living in a constant state of fear. The country has become a play ground for dangerous extremists where human trafficking and beheading of migrants is a norm.

It’s within such historical facts and backdrops that on June 22nd, 2015 thousands of Eritreans flock to Geneva to make their voices heard and to tell the powers who hijacked and control the United Nations to keep their hands off Eritrea. Unlike the view of one of the twitters in which he attempted to dismiss the protest as some type of “PFDJ noise or hoopla” , the demonstration was that of the Mass against United Nations repeated crimes on Eritrea and its people.

The majority people of Eritrea knew from the get go that the COI’s Human Rights findings on Eritrea was filled with major errors and contradictions. Another important factor that pushed Eritreans across the world to discredit the report is the fact that it is completely one sided where the views of those individuals, organizations and governments whose stand remotely resembles that of the Eritrean government were not included. In addition, given Ms Sheila B. Keetharuth’s affiliation with Amnesty International, an organization that was/is actively calling for regime change, most people have every reason to be suspicious of the commission’s ulterior motives.

Lastly, regardless of the outcome of the biased and bogus UNHRC report on Eritrea the people who drove from across Europe and came to Geneva to express their anger over this politically motivated UN report should be commended. Eritrean independence became a reality by the blood and sweat of its people. At the end of the day, it’s only the people of Eritrea who should and will decide on the fate of their country.