UNHRC’s Shenanigan at the 11th Hour: An Act of Desperation

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How come the "Commission" executes its fact-finding mandate with out finding or proving its "facts" right from the ground?
Asylum seekers as “Credible source of information”? How come the “Commission” executes its fact-finding mandates with out finding or proving its “facts” right from the ground? Why does reports from similar fact finding missions from Denmark, Norway, Canada, UK, and Italy shows a completely different narrative than that of the ‘Commission’? Is the Commission Independent, partial and Objective? Of course, the whole exercise was political and the goal was to fit in to the intended generalization that Eritrea is a country with no “Rule of Law”.

By Bruh Tesfa,

OVER the course of our history, we have seen some Powers with ill intent towards Eritrea come and go. Some actively worked hard against Eritrea’s quest to co-exist as a family of nations. Some collaborated with the invading Ethiopian army in exchange for a military base or other favors. While others just simply dismissed Eritrea’s call for self determination as a case of “civil unrest” and did not want to get involved. 

The methods these anti-Eritrea elements utilized in pushing their agenda vary but the ultimate objective is the same: the annihilation of the very idea of Eritrean identity and nationalism.

The cause(s) for the animosity and unwarranted antagonism towards this most peaceful nation and its people, which is one too many to count, is not difficult to pin point. Some do it to fulfill their hegemonic expansionist appetite. While others do so out of misperception that their national strategic interest can best be served and protected by backing Ethiopia’s illegal claims of Eritrean territory [1].

During the long and bitter struggle for independence, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that none, except for a few sympathizers, came in supporting the legitimate Eritrean movement, be it financially or militarily. On the contrary, both western powers and the Eastern blocs took turns and extended huge financial and military support to the occupying Ethiopia’s war effort in annihilating and crushing Eritrean revolution.

And today, 24 years after Eritrea’s independence and as the ray of new hope for peace and prosperity born out of self-reliance and steadfastness is on the horizon, the animosity and hatred towards this nation of peace continues at the highest gear. Except this time the methodology used is so carefully crafted so as to gain some legitimacy by the international community.

Eritrea is being accused of “gross human rights violations” by the so called UN-HRC [2]. The conclusion reached by the Commission of Inquiry (COI) is based on some 500 interviews it conducted deep inside Ethiopia, Eritrea’s mortal enemy and a country with which there’s no formal diplomatic relationship at present time.

Here is the strange part of the dramas unfolding. The one-sided UN-HRC report that is spreading like a wild fire worldwide is coinciding at a time when a number of governments, including Canada and several European countries have actually gone to the country to run an independent investigation on this and other matters [3a, b, c]. And they come up with findings of their own which, for the most part, appraise, not condemn, but appraise Eritrea’s ways of handling the socio-economic and political challenges it’s been facing, something that is in sharp contrast to that of COI.

So, whose report is one to believe? The one conducted outside the country and based on testimonies of individuals who, for one reason or another, feel they have nothing good to say about Eritrea or the government? Or the report based on interviews conducted inside the country which included testimonies by the inhabitants, Diplomats and other officials [4] who have no links to the government or conflict of interest of any type?

Suffice to say that it’s the writer’s firm belief that such a hysteria been exhibited at the turning point in Eritrea’s history by the individuals hiding under “UN-HRC” umbrella is a sign of frustration and a last ditch effort to: 1) derail, if not stop the impressive progress Eritrea is registering in all aspects of socioeconomic and political struggle and 2) to block or avert Eritrea’s vigorous effort to have the unjustified and illegal UN sanction removed.

Lastly, I leave you with the following quotes which I find timely and one that underline Eritrea’s historical path as it strives to prove the world its unwavering stand as a nation of peace and harmony where human rights remain the central and core objective.

Eritrea Will Prevail!!

“In defiance Eritrea was born; and in defiance Eritrea will forever live free!” , Prof Tekie Fessehatzion

“Long live the lonely rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared” Tupac Shakur