UN’s Overwhelming Bias Against Eritrea and its Sovereignty

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Credibility and Integrity are something the UN need to earn from Eritrea
After 50+ years of injustice, Credibility and Integrity are something that the UN need to earn from Eritrea

From Dehai.org,

The UN’s overwhelming bias against Eritrea and relentless assault on its sovereignty has now become institutionalized through annual resolutions.

The UN has long been ground zero for Ethiopia’s and America’s anti-Eritrea agenda as far back as the 1950s but this new obsession with demonizing and scapegoating Eritrea based on falsehoods is truly ill-advised and short-sighted. This will only serve to undermine the UN’s credibility and integrity further.

Scapegoating Eritrea for Somalia’s problems without any evidence whatsoever has gotten old. Last year’s SEMG Coordinator, Matt Bryden, openly admitted that he had no evidence whatsoever for any of his allegations.

This year’s UN SEMG Coordinator, Kim Sook, got all knotted-up trying to come up with something to show that the arms embargo is being violated and ended up implicating the UN itself in violating its own embargo. Can you imagine that! The UN violating its own UN imposed arms embargo.

It’s time to end this circus. There is nothing there left. The UN is only depreciating its own reputation with its reckless disregard for the truth and institutional bias against Eritrea.