Vandalism at Bisha Plant Has No Significant Impact: Nevsun

Development News
FACTS: Nevsun announced a two weeks temporaray shut down on March 13 due to a mechanical issue with the ball mill; cowards sneaked into the plant and cause a minor incident on the tailing thickner (see picture) on March 20; repairs and cleanup going on to re-start operation before March 31.

By Nevsun,

NEVSUN Resources Ltd. today reports that there was an act of vandalism at the Bisha plant late last week in which minor damages were sustained to the base of the tailings thickener, resulting in the release of water into the plant area.

The report indicates the cowardly incident happens on March 20 during the night shift and there was no significant impact to operations and no personnel were harmed. 

The required repairs and cleanup from the incident were minor.

Nevsun also states the repairs to the mechanical issue with the ball mill, that previously reported on March 13, 2015, are ongoing. The required repairs and cleanup from the incident were minor and are incorporated into the plant to re-start later this week.

The equipment supplier Thyssen-Krupp AG, who had mobilized to site, have nearly completed replacement of the ball mill gear box bearings and re-installation of the gearbox is imminent.

During the outage, some additional preventative plant maintenance that was scheduled for Q2 2015 was accelerated and ore mining was switched to waste mining to facilitate ongoing strip requirements.

Additional safeguards have been adopted to ensure site and personnel safety and security while the Eritrean and mine security forces undertake an investigation.