VIDEO: Eritrea’s Economic Framework for 2011 – updated

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The world’s fastest growing economy this year will be the small Horn of Africa country, Eritrea.  It is projected to lead 20 of the world’s fastest growing economies with a whopping 17% rate of economic growth.  Joining ABN from Nairobi on whether Eritrea has the economic framework to reach such a target is Dr Josephat Mboya from Strathmore University.    




Eritrea’s Efficient Economic Management Would Ensure Its Bright Future: Kenyan Intellectual

Asmara – A Kenyan intellectual said that the efficient economic management Eritrea is pursuing would ensure its bright future and guarantee the prosperity of its people.

In an interview with the Kenyan ABN Digital TV station, Dr. Josephat Mboya from Strathmore University in Nairobi stated that Eritrea is endowed with rich natural resources, and explained that the endeavors it is making to equally develop all sectors without solely relying on one of them is a praiseworthy strategy that would ensure the sustainability of all-round development.  

Noting that Eritrea is rich in fisheries, minerals and agricultural resources, he pointed out that the country is to be cited as exemplary for its efforts to simultaneously rehabilitate and develop all the sectors. In this connection, Dr. Josephat indicated that the setting up of a cement factory would provide impetus to the substantial investment being made in putting in place infrastructure facilities and construction endeavors, besides laying solid ground towards realizing the set vision.

The Kenyan intellectual further underlined that the existing sound resource management and equitable allocation for equal benefit in Eritrea is among the factors serving the goal of national economic development.

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